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It's Armageddon Weekend!!!! One of our absolute favourite weekends of the year, and what a fantastic start to the 2016 event.

Usually we're at the ASB Showgrounds waiting for the doors to open at 6pm on Friday night, but this year we started at a different venue ... Stardome Observatory & Planetarium ... for An Evening with an Astronaut. That's right ... Armageddon organised a REAL LIFE ASTRONAUT (Colonel Rick Searfoss) to come and show us some AWESOME photos of his time in space, and to tell us all about it. We'll tell you more in a post after the weekend.

That finished at 8pm, so we drove over the hill (literally - over One Tree Hill - past lots of sheep and cows - in central Auckland!!!) to the Showgrounds, and spent an hour checking out what's on offer this year. EVERYTHING! Gaming, comics, cards, swords, Pops, ultra funky stuff, groovy wacky stuff, clothes, soft toys, gadets, chain mail ... bring on the weekend!

Here're some photos of what to expect over the next three days.

Find Us in the Fotos! Little Peppe tries the T-shirts, Ferhad Junior finds out some funky figurines, and Rebek pops up in the Pop Vinyls shelf at My Pop Culture's stand. If you want to buy, well, ANYTHING that is pop culture related, Armageddon has the best range, and the best prices, of anywhere in New Zealand.

A real life spacesuit: a real life Dalek; a real life stormtrooper; a real life NASA astronaut suit. The two in the middle you'll see at Armageddon over the weekend. The other two? Err, well, the one on the left cost $100,000 and the one n the right cost $1,000,000. ENJOY THE PHOTOS!!!!

Ferhad Junior takes his life into his hooves getting up close, and a little too personal, with Cosplayers.

The Playstation and XBox gaming areas are HUGE this year. We're going to try and take pix from the same locations over the weekend so you can see how nuts the queues are on Saturday. And check out that shot on the right! LOL - even Daleks love Danish Delight!

We're off for some kip, so we can recharge our energy for day two tomorrow. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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