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Armageddon Auckland on Saturday has one of our favourite events of the entire weekend - the Cosplay Parade. It's staggeringly amazing how clever you humans are. Some of you must spend hours ... days ... weeks .... MONTHS EVEN getting ready for this event.

But before we got to the Cosplay Parade, we had hours of awesomenessness leading up to it. Aaaand - Ferhad Junior got to speak to some humans who chose to act as a profession. We'll let you know what they said after the weekend, cos we're too tired to write it all up now! But here are some funky pictures.

The calm before the storm; the humans gather ... and gather ... and gather; and ... BOOM! It's on for 2016!

One of the best things about Armageddon is there's something for everyone. Where else can you see in the same place a group of Roman Centurions, a dinosaur getting a pat, and an uber-Dalek?

The other thing we love about Armageddon is it brings together humans of all races, genders (yes, all three!), ages, and religious or political affiliations and proves that 70,000 humans can all get along together very nicely. It also proves that 70,000 humans can have a wonderfully good time without any fights or dramas. Many people in the world could learn a thing or two from Pop Culture fans!

Hee hee hee - humans always seem to want to shoot Ferhad Junior in the head!!!! He thinks it's hilarious. If you've never been to Armageddon before - HEADS UP! Saturday is the busiest day!!!

This was a lovely human. Little Peppe and Dover didn't know who he was, but Rebek and Ferhad Junior did - our youngest giraffe because he's hidden behind the couch when this man has been on the tele! Our human says FJ is too young to watch Supernatural, but he sneakily watches it when she's out - and then lies about why he has nightmares. Kaz thinks he had a traumatic childhood - ha ha ha.

Rebek is hoping to speak to this human (Travis Aaron Wade) about his charity work - because there are lots of them he supports, which makes him a Good Human in our books!

Colour, groovy stuff, more colour, more groovy stuff. Armageddon is like a Pop Culture Diwali Festival.

Panda v human. The panda won - woo hoo - animals are superior! Of course we had to sneak in a photo of the stand for one of our favourite authors, Russell Meek. Kaz is reading The Madness of Hallen to us for the third time. And just another random shot of a human taking her dinosaur for a walk.

Cosplay Parade!!!

That's it's for tonight. We need some zzzzzzzzz now so we're fresh and ready for tomorrow!

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