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Day two of Armageddon was as fabulous and wonderfula nd crazy ... and busy ... as day one. Usually Sunday is a little quieter, but it didn't seem to be this year. Humans everywhere! We talked to a few of them to find out why they love coming to Armageddon.

Tiffany from Auckland says it's about everyone coming together. "You can dress up as what you enjoy, and you won't be shamed by it because everyone else loves it. You can feel good about yourself without other people judging you."

Sarsha and Zahn from Auckland love anime, comics, and video games. Zahn says, "I'm a realy big fan, so I thought it would be fun to go."

Sarsha agrees. "And everyone dressing up is a lot of fun as well."

Zahn points out that you can't usually buy many anime DVDs in stores. "At Armageddon you let a lot more, and a greater range."

Very, very little human Sebastian says he was most looking forward to seeing the Weasley twins {James and Oliver Phelps]. "I want to ask them how hard it was performing in the Harry Potter movies."

Sebastian's Mum Nereda says it's their first time. "I've heard so much about it, but I don't really know what to expect. I wouldn't mind going to ComicCon in the States, so this is a good taster of what to expect.

Tommy and Kelly came up from Hamilton to be at Armageddon. Tommy says, "I love watching the Cosplay and seeing how they present it to celebrate their favourite anime, or movies, or anything they like. I love anime."

Kelly doesn't have a particular interest in one area. "I just kind of like everything, and there really is something for everyone here."

Sueweilee likes meeting the celebrity guests, and loves checking out the Cosplay. "Armageddon is something I do for my birthday every year. I work hard to make it happen, and it's really special. I like that when you meet the celebrities, they're just really nice, normal people. They're all very kind."

Sueweilee's friend Rebecca also loves the Cosplay. "It's amazing the effort that everyone goes to - it's very cool."

Another very, very little human, Nathan, says his favourite part is the kids' play area. "The people dressing up is fun, and some of the costumes are amazing, but the best thing is the bouncy castle and cliff jump and the blow up slides. Cool as man."

Rawiri has come all the way from Taupo for the gaming. "Mostly the Call of Duty games, and Battlefield ... oh ... and Final Fantasy ... VR - I want to play that. It gives you the chance to compete against other people, and Armageddon gets games before they're released to the public. One year we got to play the games two weeks early."

He says you usually have to queue for a while to play, "But it's worth it, plus you get to watch all the Cosplayers walking past."

Cosplayer Hannah from Tauranga loves dressing up as differnet people. "Having that opportunity to be someone else for the day and not worry about who I have to be every other day. And I haven't found anyone judgemental this whole weekend; it's been great. For me, as a plus-size Cosplayer, everyone is so supportive, it's just like a big family."

Francis from Magic the Gathering sums up possibly one of the key points about Armageddon. "I've done a lot of expos in Australia, just come back from Melbourne, and the great thing about Armageddon is it's really, really child-friendly. There are a lot more kids here, it's a lot more affordable - a lot of the entertainment is free, or a gold coin - over there they have to pay for everything."

It's clear from all the humans we talked to that (a) they all love Armageddon, (b) it's totes amazeballs of awesomenessness, and (c) there is so much to see and do that if you've never been, you have to make the effor tot get here. Best weekend ever.

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