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Armageddon Auckland is the biggest of all the Armageddons in New Zealand, in 2013 it was officially the biggest ever expo held in New Zealand, and 2014 is looking to be even bigger. Little Peppe, Rebek, Dover, and a VERY excited young giraffe, Ferhad Junior, are there for the entire weekend. This was the special preview Friday night session.

Friday Night culminates with the Burning Man, which was quite traumatic for young Ferhad Junior. He thought the Stargate-themed Burning Man statues was awesome, and he loved the fireworks. But he was horrified when he found out just what "Burning Man" meant. He thought it meant the statue had the power to burn people with it's vision. He sobbed his heart out when it was burnt to the ground.

LEFT: Dover (being a hedgehog) would have been happier to find Radagast, but he still had a lovely chat with Gandalf.
MIDDLE: We all checked out where the celebrity guests will be sitting over the weekend to meet Armageddon visitors and sign autographs.
RIGHT: I got up close and personal with a couple of Daleks. They were lovely chaps. One of them played music and danced with our human!

LEFT: Ferhad Junior was beside himself with delgiht when we found the Tardis.
MIDDLE: Sam from Facebook 0800 TARDIS interviews a Tardis by the Tardis!
RIGHT: Ferhad Junior sat on that door for half an hour waiting for the Doctor to come out. He was very disappointed that he didn't get to see him, but was happy to think that he was probably off saving the Universe.

LEFT: Big Tough Warrior has a Gooey Heart when Encountering a Small Giraffe.
MIDDLE: We found the door to Hobbiton, but as hard as I kicked it, I couldn't get it open. Ferhad Junior was most disappointed. Dover pointed out that he could walk behing it and see that it was just a prop: Ferhad Juniro gave him a dirty look and pointed out that it was like the Stargate, and if we could get the door open we really could go to Hobbiton.
RIGHT: Ferhad Junior meets one of the characters from Stargate.

LEFT: We posed with some Stormtroopers, who were rasing funds for child cancer research. Nice stormtroopers!
MIDDLE: Ferhad Junior checks out the books by awesome author Russell Meek.
RIGHT: Ferhad Junior spent half an hour trying to decided which badge to buy. He chose Doctor Who. No surprises there, then!

Find Us in the Fotos

We had lots of fun hiding oursleves throughout some of the stalls. See if you can find us in the following photos.

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