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This is THE BEST Kiwi House we have ever been to. You know how in Kiwi Houses it's really hard to see the birds because the lighting is usually on a "midnight-on-a-moonless-night" setting? Well, here, the birds take it in turns to work four hours a day, and the lighting is set more at "late twilight". This means - you can see them! You can't take photos, so we don't have any to put on this page ... but you can see them on the Kiwi House website :)

We stayed in the Kiwi House itself for half an hour watching Atu foraging for food - what an amazing bird she is! We were SO CLOSE!!! As Ferhad Junior said "If only I could remember the spell for vanishing glass that Harry used, we could have touched her!" She was such a totally rocking bird that we went back for half an hour after we'd been through the rest of the park, and THEN stayed for the Kiwi feeding (another half hour). Ferhad Junior now wants to be a Kiwi when he grows up.

There are lots of other birds, and lizards, at the park too. Ferhad Junior is stilla little bit scared of birds after being attacked by Jenny the Kea at Rainbow Springs. However, he bravely managed to get this close (see below) to a bird by enticing it in with some duck food while we wandered around the park.

The big walk-through open-air aviary is really spectacular. What a life those birds have! It's JUST like being out in the real bush (see below), only food is always plentiful, and there are no cats, stoats, or ferrets to worry about. Ferhad Junior talked to some of the birds in there, and they said it is a brilliant way to live! (NOTE: in the photo with the 3 x signs, click on each sign to read what it says.)

The Otorohanga Kiwi House is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! You totall have to go. If you do, the best time to go is about midday. This way, you can hang with the kiwis in the morning house for half an hour when you first arrive, then spend an hour wandering through the rest of the park, and be back at the Kiwi House in time for the 1.30pm feeding, when you get to see the afternoon shift of kiwis start work. BUT if your passion is keas and kakas, make sure to arriv ein time for their feeding at 11.3oam.

Five Fun Facts about the Otorohonga Kiwi House

  1. The Otorohanga Kiwi House opened to the public on 17 July 1971.
  2. The first Great Spotted Kiwi hatchds from an incubator was born in 1987.
  3. They conduct an education programme that links to the National Curriculum, plus many other fun, educational activities. To find out more see the Education page.
  4. Co-Founder Barry Rowe worked as a volunteer for 13 years to develop the Otorohanga Kiwi House & Native Bird Park and pioneer Kiwi Bird research.
  5. Co-Founder Bob Horsfall emigrated to New Zealand in 1960 from Worcestershire, England - WHERE THE SAUCE COMES FROM!!!

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