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Ferhad Junior is a HUGE sci-fi/fantasy fan, and one of his favourite genres is Steampunk. (He has watched all four series of Warehouse 13 five times.) He was so, so, sooooo excited to have the opportunity to interview the lovely Garnet, who helped set up the Whangarei Steampunk group, Kraken's Lair. They are Totes Amazeballs Humans who create amazing Steampunk fashion and get together and look splendid. (Their motto is Be Splendid and Carry On. Love it!)

Garnet has been involved almost from the beginning of Krakens Lair. Phineas Squidd and Cordelia Forward were the ones who got this group started over three years ago. The group is small but continues to grow. There is a real family atmosphere within the Steampunk community.

For those humans who don't no, wot is steampunk?

Steampunk is Victorian Science Fiction imagine returning to a time that never was technology is steam powered or clockwork, good manners prevail, dressing well is essential, the monsters are huge - Kraken rule the sea and sky, ray guns are beautiful but deadly, time travel is possible, airships abound, and being splendid is priority.

How did U get into steampunk?

Personally I have always had an affinity to the Victorian era (as have most people who get involved with Steampunk). Steampunk (Victorian Science Fiction) has allowed me to pursue a dream of creating beautiful Victorian styled clothing and having a reason to wear it. It also allows for creativity, imagination and individuality. Many of us incorporate Steampunk clothing into our everyday wardrobe as much as possible. It is also a great way of rebelling against bad dressing. No jeans and t-shirts here!

Do other humans think U Ra little bit crazy? (Which is a good thing, by the way)

Some do but mostly we are accepted as being a very imaginative and creative bunch. We get photographed a lot and get asked plenty of questions. Steampunk certainly gets us noticed. We have always had positive responses to our activities. Maybe we are all a little crazy. It would be a boring world if we were all the same.


What is the best thing about being part of Kraken's Lair?

Meeting wonderful people from all around the country. Being involved in Steampunk makes us happy and that is really important. It gives us all confidence to be individuals as everybody has their own style. We get to use our creativity in ways we never thought possible. Instead of just making clothing and gadgets we are making works of art and we get to show them off. Krakens Lair have a lot of talented people involved, so the outfits are always spectacular. Many of us enter fashion shows at various Steampunk Conventions/Festivals throughout NZ and have been awarded top prizes. Krakens Lair is one of NZ's most successful groups.

Shood all humans get into steampunk?

Absolutely, but only if they are truly interested in it. It is not for everyone. Steampunk is different things to different people. A lot of the people involved in Steampunk are creative/artistic people already and love the do-it-yourself attitude. We have people from all walks of life involved from all around the world. Children get involved too and we have many of them looking fabulous at our events.

Wot do you think about wot humans R doing 2 the planet?

Humans need to take pride in and look after their planet and fellow humans. Steampunk is great for this as we recycle/reuse a lot of things that would otherwise be thrown out. We steer away from disposable goods and use good solid materials like wood, brass, and copper. No plastic will ever be seen at one of our picnics.


Do you do anything to help the planet?

Recycling is the biggest thing and rebelling against a throw away society as much as possible. We use teapots, real tea leaves, and tea strainers. China instead of plastic. Sustainable fabrics like wool and cotton are favourites for sewing too.

Wot is your favrit animal? (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge)

Oh of course it would have to be small giraffes! But really, it would have to be Krakens of course. What Steampunk would admit to anything else! (Krakens are giant just in case you didn't know!!)



Are there any steampunk websites humans can check out?

Absolutely check out these links:

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