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Luiz works for a totally awesome service/adventure travel company for students based out of Boulder, Colorado USA. He gets paid to travel the world and go to ulta cool places like Nepal and Columbia. Wicked!!!

How did you get this job

I got the job after seeing an ad online. I felt that the ad was speaking to me! It listed almost all of my qualifications and passions. So, I interviewed in person and the rest is history!

Wotz cool about your job?

There are many! For starters, I get paid to travel and see magnificent places around the world. But the best part is the human element. Working with the students and facilitating their travel adventure as well as interacting with the locals in the places that we visit.

Luiz's fotos from Nepal in the Himalayas where red pandas come from, who R cute.

Is theire anything U don't like about your job?

I like (almost) everything about my job. But if I had to choose, it would be the “burn-out” from all the travel. Since I travel so much I don't rent a place of my own and I don't have a car. Since I am young I am okay without all of these things but at some point I will need to settle down! Or… maybe not. I could travel the world for the rest of my life!!!

Wot advice wood U give humans who want a job like yours?

Well, its not always as glamorous as you may think. Being passionate about travel is key, but even more important you need to be passionate about working with students and people from different cultural backgrounds. The central focus is on creating positive experiences for those around you.

Wot do U think about wot humans R doing 2 tha planet?

Our planet is such a beautiful little place and often times we take it for granted. My grandmother once told me that people generally want more than they have. We need to learn to be happy with what we have and with what we can sustainably produce from and on our land. Don't litter, plant trees, ride your bike and enjoy the outdoors and you can live in harmony with our planet.

Luiz's fotos from Nicaragua where jaguars live. And barranqueros. (Google that!)

Do U do anything 2 help the planet, and if so, wot?

I could always do more, but I try to be as conscious as possible on my travels and at home. I try and keep a very minimal footprint and when I am enjoying the great outdoors, I follow Leave no Trace ethics. I also pick up trash when I see it in beautiful places in which it doesn't belong.

Wot is your favrit animal? (Rememba who is iuntavuwing U!)

While a small giraffe is possibly one of the coolest animals around, I am a big fan of the sloth! As a matter of fact, I am pretty sure the sloth is my spirit animal!

Is their anything else U'd like 2 tell otha humans about Y your job totally rocks?

My job totally rocks because the students I work with totally rock. One day they will be doctors, managers, artists, teachers, and CEOs. They will take on their important jobs with an open mind, a conscious outlook and compassionate heart and our world will be better off for it!

Luiz's fotos from Bolivia where alpackas live and chinchillas who have totes amazeballs ears.


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