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Hee hee hee - what a wonderful joke to play on Ferhad Junior. He was having an afternoon nap, so we managed to get him in the car without waking him (which isn't hard), and drove to the Arboria. After we were inside we woke him ... and told him we'd been abducted and taken away on a spaceship. He was sooooo excited. Although once he found out he'd been punked, he didn't speak to any of us for the rest of the day. He was also a little disappointed by the lack of Daleks. Fun though!

Five Fun Facts abut the Luminarium

  1. The Luminarium is a modern international art group with talented artists in both the digital and traditional realm from all over the world.

  2. Arboria is a luminarium inflatable sculpture of light and colour, like a labyrinthine aquarium but instead of water there's air, and instead of fish, there's you!

  3. The Arboria is lit entirely by natural sunlight filtering through the canvas.

  4. Arboria comes with a soundscape that emulates the Ecuadorian cloud forest.

  5. Arboria, when inflated, is 50 metres by 35 metres, but packs down to six pallet crates.

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