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Nathan dropped out of school at 15 and began to work in a hardware store, before starting a plumbing apprenticeship. He spent five years working 45+ hours per week, and saving for 6 - 9 months to go on 3 week vacation. After nearly freezing to death (well, it felt like it) after lying under a house in a puddle soaking wet to fix some pipes he discovered viral blogging, quit his job, and now travels the world working from his laptop. He shares all the fun things he does and shows people how they can do the same. Boo-ya! At the time of this interview, Nathan was living in Bocas del Toro, Panama. Like Ferhad Junior, Nathan is a keen surfer.

How did U get this job ?

I searched for ways to make money online and found a company that had everything I needed.

Wot's the best thing about your job?

I get to work whenever I want, from wherever I want, and travel all over the world.

Is their ennything U don't like about your job?

No nothing at all.

Wot advise wood U give 2 otha humans who want a jbo like yours?

Contact me personally at Facebook.com/lifestyle-preneur and I will show them exactly what I do.

Wot do U think about wot humans R doing 2 the planet?

Some are good and some are bad.. as long as you have good values and are a good person you will have a wonderful life.

Do U do anything 2 help the planet, and if so, wot?

Yes www.kiva.com is a place were you can give a loan for individuals who need money for their businesses. they pay you back but it is a great start for them.

Wot is your favrit animal? (Rememba who is iuntavuwing U!)

Definitely a giraffe ha ha ha.

Is their anything else U'd like 2 tell otha humans about your totes amazeballs win?

Don't let anybody tell you you can't do something. I am living my dreams and people still try and tell me this is not possible. If you can vision it happening, you can make your dreams come true.


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