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Ocean Belcher has great genes. The daughter of award winning photographer Andy Belcher, and award winning author Angie Belcher, has combined the talents of her parents in her travel blog, An Ocean Away. Recently she won a National Geographic Traveller Award for “Best Blogs of June 2015". Our intrepid youngest giraffe was thrilled to talk to Ocean via Skype to find out a little more about what she does.

Wot TOTES AMAZEBALLS thing have you done?

Travelling by day, flying by night, exploring the world, and visiting cool sights.

I like to spend my time living and working in different countries, experiencing different cultures, meeting interesting new people around the world, and learning about their lives. I write about my adventures on a little blog – anoceanaway.net and recently National Geographic Traveller thought this was pretty cool, voting it one of the Top Travel Blogs in June 2015.

I spent 6 months living in Madrid working for the United National World Tourism Organization too. This organization promotes tourism development that's good for EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. Good for the earth, good for developing communities, and great for cross cultural acceptance and understanding.

Wot made U want 2 travel?

Originally I wanted to travel in the pursuit of snow. I should've been named Snowflake instead of Ocean because I wanted to spend all of my days snowboarding, throwing snowballs, watching those sparkling flakes fall from the sky, and dancing in white powder that's up to my knees. It seemed like the ultimate freedom and it took me from New Zealand, to Canada, and Europe.

Now I'm inspired to travel because the more places I visit, the more I understand that I've barely scratched the surface. Did you know there's 196 countries in the world? And I have only visited 24. For many people this is A LOT of countries, but I'd like to see them all. Wouldn't it be dreamy to eat sushi in Japan, learn Spanish in South America, do yoga in India, or go bush whacking in the Amazon?


Did otha humans think U were crazy?

Some do, but everyone is different. Many people say “I wish I could travel, I wish I could do what you're doing”. But they could, if they wanted it bad enough. It's all about making choices and sacrifices to get where you wanna go.

Wot was the best thing(s) about doing it?

I've met so many amazing people and made some incredible friends. And I've made brilliant memories.

Wuz their anything awful that happined?

Nothing totally awful, but I've missed a lot of trains and ended up sleeping on hard station floors as a result. I've made myself sick from eating weird foods, and I scared myself more than ever when I went on a cliff-jumping tour in Thailand.

The Thai locals are CRAZY in comparison with tourists, and their mental limits were a lot higher than my own. I ended up freezing on the spot after climbing a very high coral cliff-face, and had to mentally coax myself into jumping. Baby sharks were circling at the bottom waiting for this tasty tourist, and I didn't fancy being on the menu. I won't put myself in that situation again.

Wood U advize otha humans 2 do it?

Yes! Challenge yourself and learn to step outside your comfort zone. You'll learn a lot and I can (almost) promise you won't regret it.


Wot do U think about wot humans R doing 2 the planet?

How hard is it to recycle? Not very!

Do U do anything 2 helpo the planet, and if so, wot?

When living in a big city like London – where I am now, it's not so easy to help the planet. But by making small changes to your lifestyle you can still play your part. I always make sure I recycle, and walk to work (45 minutes) instead of using public transport. The less people using cars and buses the better!

Wot is your favrit animal? (Rememba who is iuntavuwing U!)

Why small giraffes of course! I also like playful dolphins.

Is their anything else U'd like 2 tell otha humans about yourself?

I can play the ukulele, stand on my head, and like playing dress-ups whenever the opportunity presents itself.

R their any websites humans shood check out?

Why not play on Pinterest.com and search for your own travel inspiration?


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