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So, we planned to stop here for an hour and then continue on around Surf Highway 45. Ha! We spent the entire day here!!! This is one of the best Pioneer Villages we have ever been to. There are over 40 old buildings to see, and every one is beautifully decked out in "period costume". And unlike most villages of this type, much of it is not shut away behind bars and glass. Well, okay, some of it is ... but not all of it.

Look at this cool old TV camera Ferhad Junior and I got to play with! And in the Courthouse you can set up your own scene - I was the judge, Dover was the Registrar, Rebek was the witness, and Ferhad Junior was in the dock defending a claim of illegally entering an out of bounds area at the Otorohanga Kiwi House . (If you've seen that page, you'll know he was found guilty. Rebek had photographic evidence!).

The best way to get a feel for the village is to go for a ride on the little steam train ... two loops of the village for $3. And soooooo much fun! Ask at the entrance when you go in when it is running. We took sooooooooo many photos ... we won't post them all here, but we will post a lot of them! Starting with the few that we aren't in ...

Find Us in the Fotos

One, some, or all of us (me, Rebek, Ferhad Junior, and Dover) are in all the following photos - click each photo for an enlargement and see if you can find us. Okay, the first ones are REALLY easy - and a certain giraffe features in many of them. (Guess who kept saying "Take a photo of me here!", "Take a photo of me here!", "Take a photo of me here!"

Too easy? Now try these ones - these are a little (or a lot) more challenging. To help you out, the number on each photo tells you how many of us are in the picture. If you get stuck, we've provided the answers.

ANSWERS: left photo | middle photo | right photo

ANSWERS: left photo | middle photo | right photo

ANSWERS: left photo | middle photo | right photo

ANSWERS: left photo | middle photo | right photo


Five Fun Facts about the Pioneer Village

  1. The Village school teacher offers a full immersion experience as a class in 1900 With lessons, dress up & games, and 1900s activities to suit different groups & ages.
  2. The Pioneer Express takes you on a journey twice around the Village.
  3. Village Craft Days are held on the fourth Sunday every month from 10am to 4pm and include a real blacksmith.
  4. You can get married in the courthouse!
  5. The Village has 40 authentic historic structures dating back to 1853.

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