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When year 11 Waitara High School students Dale Te Rangihaeata, Telina Barrett, and Jaden Wanoa began the school year, they probably had no idea that a couple of months in they would be presenting a cooking show at Womad 2014's Taste the World marquee. But that is exactly what happened after they won the TSB Community Trust Womad Cook Off competition at WITT (Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki).

Schools were given a choice of countries to inspire their dishes ... Dale, Telina, and Jaden created Italian Kai Trio, a mouth-watering spread featuring watercress pesto grilled mussels, paua ravioli with infusion lemon olive oil and basil and limoncello prawn linguini. (They couldn't try the linguini ... being under 18 they couldn't imbibe the limoncello!)

Taste of the World MC Jax Hamilton (herself a Totes Amazeballs Human) said she was blown away that the trio chose to make fresh pasta at this level of competition. But make pasta they did .. and perfectly, at that! Jax also said that the winning edge was in their presentation. The trio commissioned renowned Taranaki stone sculptor Renate Verbrugge to make a rock carving to present their muscles on. Such talent! Check out her work - she's another Totes Amazeballs Human! There are quite a few of you out there.

(L-R) Jaden Wanoa, Ferhad Junior, Jax Hamilton, Telina Barrett, and Dale Te Rangihaeata

Sculpture by Renate Verbrugge
Photo courtesy of Heather Hapeta

Ferhad Junior sat down with the trio after they had cooked for the crowd at Womad to find out about what makes them Totes Amazeballs Humans.

Wot made U want 2 do such a totes amazeballs thing?

We all love cooking and were asked if we would like to give it a shot.

Did otha humans think U were crazy?

Maybe!!! Especially when we kept practicing during our lunchtimes.

Wot was the best thing(s) about doing it?


Wuz their anything awful that happined?

No, it was all good.

Wood U advize otha humans 2 do it?


Wot do U think about wot humans R doing 2 the planet?

Its a worry. A lot of people from our town need the ocean to provide food and there are all sorts of things happening out there that are not good for our oceans. Things like Black Sand mining.

Do U do anything 2 helpo the planet, and if so, wot?

We try to recycle where we can. Our school helps clean up the local beaches.

Wot is your favrit animal? (Rememba who is iuntavuwing U!)

Has to be a giraffe!

Is their anything else U'd like 2 tell otha humans about your totes amazeballs win?

If we can do it, you can do it!! You never know what you might end up doing, just give things a go.


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