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We've never been able to use the same heading twice on our website ... until now. This is because the totes amazeballs kids at Waitara High School have won the TSB Community Trust Womad Cook Off competition at WITT (Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki) for the second time! (Read about the 2014 win here.)

The 2016 winners recreated their winning dish in the Taste the World marquee at Womad New Zealand on March 20.

Ferhad Junior and Rebek sat down afterwards to chat to the humans, Ayla Lunn, Kobin Teika, and Jarna Hermann, about their win. But first, Ferhad Junior asked MC Jax Hamilton (one of the coolest humans in the world), about the competition.

Jax Hamilton chats to TSB Community Trust Womad Cook Off WINNERS (L-R) Jarna Hermann, Ayla Lunn, and Kobin Teika

Jax, can U tell us wot the competitshun is all about?

JAX: Every year the TSB sponsors a Community Cook Off for the High Schools. When we first started five years ago we only had four entrants, but this year we had nine. There have only been two schools who have won twice, and the winners of this year's Community Cook Off are Waitara High for the scond time time running - woo hoo!

Can U tell us wot U R cooking?

AYLA: We're cooking Spanish tapas. I'm preparing almejas con azafrin vino blanco y aioli de citricos and tortilla de papas con ailoli.

Errrr, wot's that?

AYLA: Clams with chorizo, saffron, and white wine served with orange aioli, and potato omelette served with garlic aioli.

JARNA: I'm preparing the tomate rallado, that's grated tomato with olive oil, and two aiolis, a normal one and an orange one.

KOBIN: I'm doing rinones al jerez - lamb kidneys cooked in a sherry and thyme sauce with onion and bacon, lots of bacon, so you're gonna love it. Plus I'm doingpan de ajo a la espanola, toasted bread rubbed with garlic

It's nice for the little humans to be winners - they can delegate plating up to the big humans, while they take a well deserved rest!

Y did U choose 2 cook Spanish food?

AYLA: There were a number of reasons. It wasn't a cuisine we were familiar with and it was something we wanted to learn about, with different flavours and a different way of cooking.

JARNA: We chose Spanish tapas because we like Rafael Nadal, and were inspired by him.

Can U tell us how Spanish tapas fits in with the Womad ethos?

AYLA: Tapas were originally from Spain. People would go in to Spanish bars and they would get very intoxicated very fast. The bars introduced tapas to keep alcohol sales up and the people's intoxication levels lower. They would also take slices of salami or bread and put it over their drinks to make sure the flies and the bugs didn't get in.
(Ferhad Junior thought Ayla was pulling his leg, but she wasn't. It's on Wikipedia, so it must be true!)

It's not hard to see why Waitara High School won the competition - such flair and presentation!

Wot was it like cooking in the competishun?

JARNA: It was a good experience, it was good fun and very cool.

Did any big humans help you out?

AYLA: Martha helps out Miss Hill, she's really nice to us and helped us along the way. She guided us and is quite inspirational. She gets into it with us; thank you Marta!

Ferhad Junior and Rebek celebrate witht he winning team; Jax gives all the students a fun reminder of the day; the winning tapas display from the 2016 TSB Community Trust Womad Cook Off.

How did U get 2getta 4 the competishun?

AYLA: Miss Hill was watching us at cooking throughout last year, Year 9, and then she asked us individually if we'd be interested, and we all said yes. We got together, researched different recipes from Spain, found some ones we liked. We help from the staff at Waitara High we came up with the tapas idea .. and now we're here!

Kobin, how long have U been cooking?

KOBIN: About four years. I cook at home, lasagnes and cakes and stuff. I can't design them, but I can cook them. I like to go hunting and fishing. We go hunting for boars. The dogs shoot off when they hear something. My Koroua has been hunting since he was about 23, and I go with him. Wild boar is yum.

Has winning inspired any of U 2 Bcome professhunal chefs?

AYLA: We're all really interesed in doing the WITT competition throughout the year, but I have no idea what I want to be, no idea.

KOBIN: I like cooking as a hobby, stuff like banana cakes and carrot cakes, and I'd quite loike to be a cook. But I won't come second, I'll come first!

JARNA: I have no idea either what I want to be.

U shud all B professhunal chefs - U R all totes amazeballs cooks!

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