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Whooshka! What a day we had today. We went over the hill to Matamata and checked out the Big Rigs (and some funky older trucks) at the Matamata Piako Truck Festival . The day was a fund-raiser for the Pohlen Hospital Palliative Care Wing, and we are always keen to support the work being done by Good Humans. There are more older humans in Matamata than anywhere else in New Zealand! Humans aged 65 years and over make up 18 per cent of the Matamata-Piako community compared with 14.3 per cent for the rest of New Zealand. Ironically enough, there are also a lot of old hobbits in Matamata.

We were all excited about seeing the Big Rigs ... but had no idea that there would be lots of gorgeous old Fire Engines there too. We, errr, may have ignored some of the signs on them. Well, we presumed they only applied to humans! There were also a whole bunch of old farm trucks, as well as old war vehicles and, as with the trucks, we may have taken a few liberties with "Do Not Touch" signs.

Find Us in the Fotos

For regular readers of our pages, we decided it's been far too long since we did a Find Us in the Fotos shoot, so here we go .... find us in the following photos! And we hope you appreciate what we went through to get these photos for you humans ... it was SO hot out there!

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