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Tell us about what you do as an individual, school, group, or organisation for animals, the oceans, people, or the planet.

Ferhad Junior loves talking to humans, especially the really interesting ones who have done something totes amazeballs. Maybe you've biked from Invercargill to Cape Reinga or you've climbed K2. Maybe you were told at school you had a learning disability and now you have a PhD. Maybe you share your house with 20 cats. Whatever makes you totes amazeballs, Ferhad Junior wants to know about it.

Ferhad Junior is fascinated by the way some humans make a living, and with human who have a job that Totally Rocks. If you're an astronaut or an entomologist or a soft toy designer or you teach in a village in Africa or you're a professional surfer or you're Xavier Rudd's tour manager, or you have another job that totally rocks.

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