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The Atlas Chronicles

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20 December 2016 (New Zealand time)

After an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G time in the US (Check out our Instagram pix) we';re back home - and straight into interviews as we caught up with one of our famourite inspirational humans, Nathan Buchan, and his partner Hannah Martin.

late-November 2016 (what day is it???)

So - we thought we could keep our website updated while travelling Canada and the USA. Boy, were we wrong. We're covering so much ground, and doing and seeing so much, we don't have the time.

However ... we are being vigilant with Instagram - so follow us here.

We'll post more permanent - easy-to-follow photo albums when we get home to New Zealand.

Love, Little Peppe, Rebek, Ferhad Junior, and Dover.

14 November 2016

We headed to the Steampunk the Thames Festival on the weekend - what fun!

1 November 2016

What a way to start the month ... Ferhad Junior and Rebek were lucky enough to score an interview with Mr Travis Aaron Wade. Travis is a former US marine (Sir, we salute you!), an animal activitst (boo ya!), a teacher (toughest job in the world), and a dedicated philanthropist. Oh, and he may just have been in a little telebox show called Supernatural.

24 October 2016

Armageddon Monday! And now - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

23 October 2016

Armageddon Sunday!

22 October 2016

Armageddon Saturday!

21 October 2016

It's Armageddon Weekend, kicking off with Armageddon Friday night. We had a bonus this year - An Evening with an Astronaut at Stardome Observatory & Planetarium - and then nipped to the Showgrounds to see what's in store for the weekend. Lots of awesomenessness!

25 September 2016

On a really, really, REALLY soggy day we joined in with some Good humans Doing Stuff on the Walk 2 D'Feet MND.

11 September, 2016

With winter almost over, we've come out of hibernation and joined some good humans picking up rubbish left by bad humans on stunning Moturiki Island.

17 July 2016

What an amazing day we had yesterday at Hobbiton. Check out our photo gallery.

11 April 2016

Humans are funny. You spent so long making bigger and bigger computer screens that we had to keep changing our website. Now you're all on pokey little smartphones, so we're having to redesign everything again! We've only reformatted nine stories so far ... as we add the others, we'll let you know on Facebook and Instagram.